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Our Story

    From a dream to reality...   

Launched in 2019, Elemental Synergy represents over a decade of MCI experience focused on the benefits of CBD. A partnership born of friendship has developed into a company determined to change the industry. Having been touched personally by the benefits of high quality CBD products, profits take a backseat to quality and making the products accessible to all. Different from the approach of big pharmaceutical companies, Elemental Synergy's goals are rooted in results, compassion, and accessibility. We are committed to providing our customers with the best prices possible.  We are here to answer your questions and listen to your comments.

Regularly published ACS information on our site validates your confidence in Elemental Synergy having only the highest quality products at the best price. Clean room production, Kosher handling, and only 2 ingredients (CBD and MCT oil) are our standard at Elemental Synergy.


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Animal Kingdom
The Ingredients Make the Difference

Our CBD products are made from our very own high quality organic strain. No pesticides, additives, or inorganic chemicals are used during our entire production process. We use the latest CO2 extraction techniques in our dedicated, Kosher facility. Our MCT oil is 100% non-palm, coconut-based for the best results. Our isolate CBD products are 99.9% pure, with less than .003% THC, and remain among the purest available in the industry.


Everything we make is compliant with state and federal regulations, as well as GMP compliant. When you purchase from Elemental Synergy, you can be sure you are getting the highest standard of CBD products on the market.

The Best CBD at the Lowest Price
Safe for Pets

Elemental Synergy has one goal; to provide the highest quality CBD products at the lowest possible price so that everyone has access to this important treatment.

We keep our prices low by running a small family owned and operated business, and doing 100% of the work in-house.  We control every aspect of our growing and extraction process, as well as bottling, labeling, and shipping at our facility in South Carolina. This ensures we never have to compromise on quality, while providing access for people that might not otherwise be able to afford CBD treatment.

We love our four-legged companions at Elemental Synergy. Our low-dosage pet products have been successfully and safely used on dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, ferrets, and guinea pigs with no known side effects. Please consult with your veterinarian before beginning CBD treatment for your animal.

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